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You Dream. We Work.

You Envision. We Collaborate.

We Are
Dreams Take Work

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, with community across the country, our culture is focused on partnership, creativity, mentorship, collaboration and service.

About Us

Since 2016, Dreams Take Work's summer based day camp, which services over 200 kids between the ages of 5-12 per year, has provided a safe and fun space for youth at no cost, education and resources to establish generational healing and purpose, and sports clinics from professional and college athletes. Under the Dreams Take Work umbrella, the Dream Garden is growing its event capabilities - tapping into the company’s existing network of clients and partners— as well as expand its media business, helping it move into video production and operate as a creative studio. Having a creative space that brings together a community of like-minded makers in varying stages of their business, to learn from each other, make friends, and help provide a platform to be seen together builds a highly inclusive, empowering, and supportive arts environment, giving artists, businesses, and the community the tools to move towards their true purpose.  

Our Mission

At Dreams Take Work, we encourage individuals to invest in themselves. We believe pursuing passion is an essential core value. We want to uplift the community by offering a garden suitable for growth. We aim to provide a safe space for members to move towards their true purpose. Your dreams are real to us, so our goal is making them real to you.

Experiment often
Be humble
Be good to each other
Do good work
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